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A Swampy Relaxation (Elliott the Dragon TF)
On the exact same day as my new form (Daijinryuu) successfully won the battle and turned both the Daleks and Cybermen into sore losers, I decided to return to Earth, so that I could see The Master, who was obviously waiting at Employ My Ability.
"Where is that Lorcan!?" shouted The Master as he looked at Sammie Eaton, but before he could knew it, I surprised him by saying "Oh hello!". The Master turned his head around to look at me and he gasped "Argh, LORCAN HAS BEEN TURNED INTO A MECHA DRAGON!!!", I then told The Master the story behind how I became Daijinryuu, I also told The Master that my own gender was changed in the process, The Master then got over it after he heard the whole thing and hugged me by saying "So this is you, oh cool!".
After hugging him back I went back to home were I returned to human form as Lorcan where I suddenly found some gooey (but tasty) pink-green slime that were in 20 bottles, and I picked them up to take them outside beside an place with swamp water, an
:iconsharpe-fan:Sharpe-Fan 9 7
True Immersion: Greninja TF/MC (Request)
Requested by Lucky0Lucario0 (
"Another Shadow Pokémon captured!" Johnny said in triumph.
Johnny was playing a brand new Pokémon game on his Wii U. Nintendo finally came to their senses and released another game like Colosseum and Gale of Darkness. Johnny was thoroughly enjoying it, especially with all the special new features the Wii U had on it, like the HD, the broadband Internet support, and the amiibo support. He was still yet to get to the amiibos, but he knew they were there because the back of the game box claimed that they would "immerse the player like never before in a Pokémon game". Who wouldn't be sold by that?
Johnny was exploring a little shopping center whenghyu he came across an interesting-looking store. Looking at it, he saw a pixelated sign of what looked like a trophy, which implied that this was where the amiibo support would come into play.
Walking in, it was one of those empty stores where it was more of a hall
:iconcrazynaut:CrazyNaut 41 5
The Disappearance (Shoutmon TF/TG/MC)
(My part of a story trade with deathbustereudial103)
  On the outskirts of a small city, a college student was walking home from a long day of classes.  His name?  It doesn't matter, since he's no longer part of our world.  If you ask about him in that city, you'll probably unearth data about a mysterious disappearance, but nothing more.  
  So, what caused this disappearance?  A kidnapping?  No, there were no signs of struggle.  A murder?  Again, no signs of struggle, and there were no blood spots anywhere, not to mention any clues.  It was almost as though this student vanished into thin air.  But he didn't.  I know what happened.  I heard of the disappearance, and, upon connecting it to a series of other disappearances, found the truth.
 You'll probably disregard this information as false.  I don't blame you.  After all, I am an unknown entity on the Internet, and nothing is valid on the Internet. &
:iconallysonrocco:AllysonRocco 6 2
Prank Payback: Impmon TF/MC (Trade)
Trade with AwsomeIsRed (
Zach was casually walking through his neighborhood. He was heading over to his friend's house and wanted to take the longer yet more interesting route there, through the shopping centre. He wanted to get to his friend's house quickly, though, so he needed to speed walk there.
But he decided to take a quick stop in a few moments, because he could see his friend Peter walking ahead of him! He was quickly able to recognize him by his general frame and hat.
"Hey, Peter!" he called out, "Wait up!"
Peter was his 21 year old friend who just so happened to run into Zach every once in a while, and the two developed a pretty decent relationship!
Although Peter did have that annoying hobby Zach always forgot about…
Peter just continued to walk down the path, not acknowledging Zach, although Zach could see him moving his hand to his pocket, and then to his stomach, before he… started walking more slowly?
"Peter?" Zach called o
:iconcrazynaut:CrazyNaut 33 11
Greymon TF
        Damien listened to his mom drone on about how his grades were dropping, how he should be trying harder on his homework, how he should actually do his homework. He didn't really care, but he had to nod every once in a while, or else she would just start over. "Alright I think you get it… You can go."
         "Can I go to the street fair?"
         "No. It's too dangerous for you to go there by yourself!"
         "But, mom, I'm seventeen! I'm sure I'm old enough."
         "No, Damien! Besides, I have to leave for a conference at one, and I don't want to leave the house empty."
        Damien looked at the clock. "But it's only noon!"
         "Well, yes, but it'll t
:icondoomgotten:Doomgotten 15 4
Small, Blue, and Simple: Veemon TF/AR/MC (Trade)
Trade with deathbustereudial103 (
“Guess it's back to this place for the day…” Zach said to himself as he wandered through his town’s shopping center.
Zach, as usual, was kicked out of the house for the day. He was a kid with little to do in terms of activities or friends to hang with normally, which always made it a challenge to fully enjoy himself during these times…
With nothing better to do, his usual resort was to bring his wallet and hit the shopping square in his town. The place was mostly littered with clothing shops and the occasional bakery, but every so often there was something he thought would be worth spending a good chunk of his cash on, which made the long walking sessions worth it in the end.
For all he knew, he could find something that he'd treasure throughout his life! Not that he has yet.
And today seemed to be another boring walk through. All the same shops, all the same stops, nothing was r
:iconcrazynaut:CrazyNaut 34 18
Turning into an Young Dinosaur (Chomper TF)
It was an busy (but boring, due to still-missing The Master and Spy) day because I was playing on my own laptop and wondering what my two allies are up too, I was perfectly fine with that sort of thing. Fine at least until Time (who was part-human and part-clock) teleported in my bedroom and he said a simple hello to me, I then smiled and looked at him and said hello back to me, Time then said "What are you doing?".
I smiled and said that I am on my computer, busy doing fun stuff, but my new friend had other ideas when he said "Lorcan, I known that you like The Land Before Time film series, so here is this costume!", I knew this an smiled as I walked to him, to receive my new costume, the exact costume I was holding was an costume of Chomper the Friendly Sharptooth, who was one of my favourite characters from that franchise, and I then said "Thank You!" to my friend, as I walked to my computer area, so I could put it on, it was a bit hard, but I then got used to putting it on, and afte
:iconsharpe-fan:Sharpe-Fan 17 6
An Kingly Transformation (King Bowser Koopa TF)
It was an busy (but somewhat fun) day because I was playing on my own laptop, I was perfectly fine with that very sort of thing.
Fine, until I suddenly found an authentic replica bracelets of the bracelets that Bowser wore on his hands in one of the draws, I was confused by this sort of thing, I didn't knew wherever I would put it on or not, but I proceeded to put them on.
Although I was putting them on, an old friend of mine (Time) showed up to intervene. "No Lorcan! You cant do that!", Time yelled to me, after he yelled at me, I looked at him and said "Who worries about a few spills?", I said at Time, and I ended up letting Time cry.
After putting them on, I actualy felt pretty cool with them on me, but little did I knew that it would trigger an transformation that would end up surprising me. It began when I felt my skin was changing colour to Bowser's skin color, and my hands were gaining claws, just as the transformation happend, I gained 3 more bracelets on my biceps and one on my
:iconsharpe-fan:Sharpe-Fan 15 10
The smell of Roses (Dorothy the Dinosaur TF TG)
It was an busy day for batboy03 as he was in his garden (which has roses), just drinking a nice orange juice, he was perfectly fine with this. Fine, at least until I appeared out of no where and walked up to him. "Hello! I am L Wooster.", I said, "Oh, you startled me.", said batboy03 as he looked at me, "Would you like to smell the roses?" I said to batboy03, "Sure!" said batboy03 and he walked to his roses area and proceeded to smell them.
As he continued to smell his roses, I proceed to watch by sitting on one of the chairs in the garden and smile, batboy03 did not know that the roses he was smelling had the powers to turn someone into Dorothy the Dinosaur, and as he smelled the roses, the changes began as batboy03's skin slowly turned from white to green as my smile turned into a open-mouth shocked expression about what was happening to batboy03.
As batboy03 continued to smell the roses, nice white gloves appeared on his hands while his fingers were reduced from five to four, the ne
:iconsharpe-fan:Sharpe-Fan 11 8
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